Founded in 2002, Telesia started as a business partner with 2 mid-size companies, Datatek, Comrise Technology, on sales and marketing for their products and professional services. The products includes telecommunication equipment and software application development, consultation contract and executive recruiting services.

Starting in 2007, Telesia began operating its core business independently and expanded to business consulting and financial advisory services. Since then, it has been providing a wide range of services such as overseas business development, marketing planning, international personnel training, business consulting, investment banking, strategic advisory, mergers & acquisitions, minority investment, divestiture, private capital raising, and alternative public offering consulting.

Our team has combined several decades of international work experience from multiple industries and understanding of Eastern and Western cultures, to establish farther reaching connections with businesses across the United States, China and Taiwan.

Management Team

For any questions or inquiries, please call us at +1 (718) 395-3638.